Through active data asset utilization

DataArmor™ and SecureAI™ to not end with PoC (demonstration experiment)

DataArmor™ and SecureAI™ to not end with PoC (demonstration experiment)

Currently, each company is working on AI, but it is said that only a few percent of the companies are working on AI. This is largely due to issues such as data sharing, intellectual property protection, cybersecurity and data security (Accenture search, below). Even if the data can be used in the demonstration experiment (PoC), not all variables and data can be used in the production. You need a secure and secure production environment that streamlines the ongoing operation of security policies for data that occurs in AI operations. (Reference: "AI turns ordinary products into industry game-changes" 20. 2018.4) EAGLYS helps ensure the continued success of the business by providing a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge about AI deployment and data utilization, as well as the design of future secure data utilization and safe AI operations.

AI implementation results mainly in listed companies

In a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, advertising and marketing, we collaborate with companies, mainly listed companies, that are trusted by us in data analysis and AI projects. Our expert team has a wealth of knowledge in AI deployment and data utilization to help your business continue to succeed.

Advertising / Marketing
Manufacturing industry
Medical / Pharmaceutical / Bio-system
real estate

DataArmor™ Use Cases

It is ideal for use cases that deal with sensitive data that is difficult to use in the Internet space. For example, you want to promote the use of data across departments, group companies, and industry sectors to build an analysis platform and AI, you want to clear data security issues and move to the cloud, and you want to automate secure log backup for local processing and remote monitoring.

  • Finance

    Transaction Fraud Detection System
    Support for building AI and improving accuracy by integrating sensitive data such as corporate information and financial transactions
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  • advertising and marketing

    Personalized Recommendation Engine Using Personal Attribute Data
    Create the best product list for a user as a personal data entry variable, such as a user's attribute or access log
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  • Finance and Others

    Secure use of AI OCR in the cloud(Secure AI ™OCR)
    Encrypted image data is input to AI OCR and the output is integrated with encryption. Reduce operational costs by leveraging in the cloud
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  • Manufacturing

    IoT x anomaly detection and cloud exploitation
    Utilization of data sensed from IoT as an anomaly detection engine and sharing/backup of learning models via the cloud
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  • Optimal placement and forecast of [Manufacturing] parts
    Optimizes placement by tracking what products should be displayed on which shelves and what products are frequently ordered.
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  • Secure [Marketing and other] systems to facilitate SaaS adoption
    Some SAAS marketing automation services require the transmission of personal data, including e-mail and names, which places a burden...
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