With a vision of creating an Internet space where companies can use AI and data services with confidence.
We are working to build a secure cloud that allows both data sharing and AI model operation to be secure.

Job type AI Engineer / Cryptographic Research / Developer / Researcher (Mathematics)
Application conditions
  • University graduates who can join within three months after the decision to join
  • Time to join: Any time
Work stance
  • High intellectual curiosity
  • Those who can move learners by advancing new technologies
  • Those who can do everything from design to development with a sense of responsibility
  • Those who can work on research and development without limitation, such as natural language, image and numerical analysis
  • Empathy for building a secure cloud resistant to quantum computing
Skill The following shall apply to one or more of the following as a result of technical research, research and development, software implementation, and application development and introduction: We are looking for people who can do theory or the best implementation of theory (languages ​​are Python, C / C ++, Java).

  • Data analysis technology such as data mining, statistical analysis
  • Statistical machine learning, AI technology such as deep learning (LSTM, CNN etc.), natural language processing technology
  • Secret computing technology such as perfect homomorphic encryption and multiparty computing
  • Advanced encryption such as searchable encryption, ID and attribute based encryption
  • Besides, security technology such as quantum computer resistant lattice encryption and secret sharing
  • Big data processing basis design on GCP · AWS, high-speed processing algorithm development such as stream processing · parallel processing
  • Four-year university degree: 280,000 yen~ / month
  • Master’s program: 300,000 yen~ / month
  • Postgraduate doctoral program: 350,000 yen~ / month

※ There is overtime overtime allowance only for 45 hours a month
※ Salary is negotiated by ability and experience

Various benefits Transportation expenses paid (for one month of regular fee)
bonus Twice a year(August / February)
However, there may be non-payments due to company performance
Work location <Tokyo Head Office>
Utsumi Building 301 1-55-14, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.
Working hours Tokyo Head Office / 10:00 ~ 19:00
Holiday vacation
  • Weekend 2 day system (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
  • New Year holidays / Annual paid holidays / Special leave for weddings and funerals
  • Health insurance
  • Welfare pension insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Labor accident insurance
Application required documents
  • Resume
  • Job record (one with work experience)
  • CV (For researchers / list of research achievements)

Send document to:
EAGLYS Human Resources General Affairs Department

If you have anymore questions
just let us know