About Us

Towards world fastest secure computing engine with efficiency and convinience , we proceed research and development on secure computing technologies as well as applications for secure database, secure data analysis and Secure AI execution.

Team Member

  • Hiroki Imabayashi
    Founder & CEO
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  • Yusuke Maruyama
    Co-founder CSO Ph.D
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  • Hiroshi Yatsugi
    Business Development Director
  • Michal Kiezik
    Global Director, MBA
  • Shozo Asano
    AI Consultant / PM
  • Jun Yatani
    Customer Success Chief
  • Hidenori Yatsu
    Lead Engineer
  • Kentaro Mihara
    Research Engineer
  • Chaw Thet Zan
    Research Engineer, Ph.D
  • Tanaphol Suebchua
    Research Engineer, Ph.D
  • Ai Ohara
    Business Operations Chief
  • Sakiho Yamada

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