EAGLYS officially releases the DataArmor Gate secure computing proxy for databases.

EAGLYS officially releases the DataArmor Gate secure computing proxy for databases.

~Developer licenses for validation and PoC projects available from January 27, 2020~

EAGLYS KK a secure computing technology company located in Tokyo, announces DataArmor Gate DB Edition, a proxy software for databases that realizes operations over always-encrypted data. The developer licenses are available as of January 27 this year, with the standard production license launch targeted for spring 2020.

Secure Computing Gateway「DataArmor®Gate(D-gate)」

■Secure Computing Development Background
In recent years, as the amount of data stored rapidly increases due to digital transformation trends, big data analysis, and AI development, has been leading to very rapid advances in the initiatives that utilize such data – as well as the need to distribute and exchange these data sets between entities.
On the other hand, one of the major issues with the growth of data as well as data sources, is the confidentiality and security of such centralized repositories. With conventional encryption technologies, the focus is on protecting data in storage or during transfer, meanwhile the protection of data in use has been a secondary concern. This necessitates the great efforts to restrict the locations where data is processed as well as which organizations have direct access to the data.

To alleviate this problem the concept of secure computing has been slowly coming into focus with regards to data management. In short it is a set of tools and to enable arbitrary data processing without the need to decrypt the data first. It breaks away from the conventional tradeoff between security and convenience when it comes to data utilization and has been attracting a lot of attention in recent days. Data security in the era of zero-trust computing requires and approach that protects the data itself rather than security measures that protect the boundaries containing such data; this can be achieved by secure computing methodologies.

A conceptual positioning diagram of secure computing technologies within the cybersecurity ecosystem.Secure computing not impl

EAGLYS has been conducting research and development on secure computing systems and methodologies since the company’s inception, under the business philosophy of creating a society where all data can be used safely. The company has received high recognition for its achievements from various parties, such as IEEE, ICT Spring Europe, Forbes Japan, and others. By focusing on solving performance issues which for a long time has been the largest hurdle in secure computing, we have succeeded in commercializing our proprietary technology ahead of the industry as a whole.

EAGLYS Produts and Technology Go Beyond The Current Standard

■About DataArmor Gate DB Edition

“DataArmor® Gate DB Edition” is the first commercial product in the DataArmor® series, a secure computing platform developed by EAGLYS. It is a secure computing proxy solution for databases, enabling operations over always-encrypted data from various sources, and transparently transform current systems into secure computing platforms.

The main features of “DataArmor® Gate DB Edition” are as follows:

  1. Database operations are always encrypted

Database operations such as data storage, retrieval, and integration can be executed transparently via the Gate DB Edition proxy. In addition to numerical calculations, it enables partial match searches that are difficult to achieve using conventional cryptography.

  1. High performance 「CapsuleFlow®︎」 engine

A cryptographic core that focuses on reducing the execution speed delay and the overhead of cryptographic calculations, it is an achievement that has been recognized in IEEE conferences.

  1. Flexibility of configuration

Enables zero-knowledge secure computing functionality over existing databases in production. It can be implemented in existing environments and utilize security policies already in place.

  1. High resistance to information leakage and accidental disclosure

As the data is processed in an encrypted format, no encryption key is required at the data storage location. As a result, even if the database is compromised or even inadvertently exposed to internal employees managing the storage systems it will not be useable. In addition, since the content of the queries is encrypted during database access, even the query contents are protected.

Functional image of encrypted search -GUI functionality will be implemented in a future version

Product Name DataArmor® Gate DB Edition (Current Version 2.0)
Software Provisioning Docker Image
Supported Databases MySQL 5.7or later、Microsoft SQL Server 2017

(PostgreSQL and Oracle support is targeted for the upcoming Version 2.1)

Interfaces REST API(HTTPS POST) ※GUI will be implemented in the near future
Required Hardware Minimum CPU:2 Cores Memory:4GB Storage:10GB
License Type Annual license

※DataArmor Gate DB Edition Information Page:  https://eaglys.co.jp/product/

The DataArmor Gate DB Edition is the first of the Gate products that are developed at EAGLYS that will enable our customers to take advantages of the power of secure computing – and as always, we plan to release additional products depending on the use cases that our customers require.

■DataArmor Gate DB Edition case study

EAGLYS is providing technical know-how to Oberas Japan KK in the development of a real estate matching system that functions over anonymous member data, a project currently estimated at 5 million USD. The property details are registered in an encrypted format so that the platform operator cannot access the details and the private information contained within REMS is truly secure and confidential.

■Company profile

Name:               EAGLYS KK

Representative:   Imabayashi, Hiroki President and CEO

Location:           Tokyo, Shibuya, Yoyogi 1-55-14 Utsumi Building 301

Established:       2016/12/28

Capital:             JPY 100,000,000

Business Area:    Research and Development of secure computing technologies

Development of the secure computing platform DataArmor

AI development and consulting

URL:   https://eaglys.co.jp/